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Your organization's carbon footprint is probably the single most important sustainability metric to track. But it can be complicated, confusing, and time-consuming. So let us help you get off on the right foot and establish a robust carbon accounting process that will work today and for years to come.

Our carbon footprint services include sustainability software specially designed to your facilities and operations. We'll walk you through the data collection phase, then take it from there -- providing expert validation and analysis.

The result? You'll get an in-depth look at your company's carbon emissions, aligned with international standards for carbon accounting and ready to share with stakeholders in a variety of formats.

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Reducing Your Organization’s Carbon Footprint: Addressing Commuter-Related Emissions

As organizations seek to effectively address their environmental impacts, carbon footprint reduction has become a common practice.  This white paper takes a closer look at reducing your organization’s carbon footprint and the many factors that come into play.  Organizational emissions tied to employee commuting can represent a very large or a very small part of an organization’s overall carbon footprint, depending on a great number of factors.  Factors may include facility location, organizational culture, and industry sector.  However, the carbon emissions associated with employee commuting can represent a significant portion of the organization’s overall carbon footprint size.  By reducing commuting related emissions, an organization can reduce its overall carbon footprint, sometimes dramatically. This paper provides information on:

  • Carbon footprint of commuting baseline
  • Alternative transit modes
  • Detailed carbon emissions reduction calculations
  • Conclusions

(June 2011, 32 pages)

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