How to Get People to Change (for the Greener)

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In 2010, Chip Heath and Dan Heath (of Made to Stick fame) were featured in an article in Inc. Magazine titled, How to Get People to Change, in which the brothers discussed their new book on change management.

At Strategic Sustainability Consulting, the article sparked lots of internal discussion about what it takes for people to shift  both their thinking and their actions—and of course we looked at it through a sustainability lens. What followed was a series of SSC blog entries about how to get people to change (for the greener). We’ve rounded up those blogs and compliled them in a short white paper. It covers:

  • Consider your Communication
  • Let Them Convince Themselves
  • Focus on a Few Specific Priorities
  • Don’t Block the Path to Success
  • Use Peer Pressure Effectively
  • Preach Hope, Not Fear
  • Look for the Bright Spots

(9 pages)

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