Introduction to Life Cycle Assessments: A Primer for Business Owners

Introduction to Life Cycle Assessments A Primer for Business Owners.jpg

A growing number of companies are investigating the environmental impacts of the products they sell. But how do you know whether to invest in better packaging or switch to a more local supplier? Should you prioritize energy reductions or water conservation? The truth is, you can't make effective decisions about product eco-optimization without first understanding the life cycle impacts of your product. This is most effectively done with a product life cycle assessment (LCA). LCAs come in a variety of shapes, forms, and budgets. It's a complicated topic, which is why we've put together this concise primer for business owners. It covers:

  • Defining a Life Cycle Assessment
  • Why an LCA is Important
  • Who is Utilizing LCAs
  • The  Process: Four Phases Explained
  • The Full Service Approach
  • The Self-Assessment Approach
  • Questions to Ask Yourself Moving Forward

(9 pages)

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