Green Communications Audit

There are three great reasons to undertake a green communications audit. Does one of them resonate with your organization?

  1. We want to talk about our sustainability story, but we're afraid we'll say the wrong thing. We don't want to be accused of greenwashing. 
  2. The new FTC Guidelines on "green marketing" have us worried. Are we using language that is now considered misleading? 
  3. People in our company are saying different things about sustainability. We need to get on the same page. 

Our Green Communications Audit can be tailored to address any of the concerns listed above. Contact us to learn more!


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jpg - Green Marketing_Think Before You Act.jpg

Green Marketing: Think Before You Act

This paper provides a brief background on green marketing and the associated risks of greenwashing.  It describes the important role of standards and certifications in green marketing, offers an analytical framework to help businesses choose among them, and explores the other green marketing tools as they are most appropriate for each company.  The paper provides information on:

  • Green Marketing vs. Greenwashing
  • Reporting Standards, Certifications, and Labels
  • Useful Green Marketing Tools 
  • Definitions, Benefits, and  Establishing Credibility               
  • Applicability and Feasibility            
  • Special Concerns in Green Marketing Communications

(April 2012, 32 pages)

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