Sustainability Reporting

Ready to talk about your organization's approach to social and environmental responsibility? Let us help you put together a sustainability report that covers your policies, programs, and selected performance data.

New to sustainability reporting? We can walk you through the process, acting as a project manager and adviser. We'll help you tell your story in a fair and balanced way, so that you get credit for dealing honestly with both your progress and your challenges. 

We provide drafting, editing, case studies, data analysis and/or validation, and graphic design. We'll also align your report with international standards like the Global Reporting Initiative if you like. Not sure if that's important? Let's talk about your sustainability reporting goals, and we can help you determine what kind of report you need.

Examples of Our Work

We've pulled some of our favorite examples of first-time sustainability reporting. Click on the photo below to download the whole report.

Chicken of the Sea - 2011 Sustainability Report

Chicken of the Sea - 2011 Sustainability Report

NovaGold - 2009 Sustainability Report

NovaGold - 2009 Sustainability Report

Related Resources

Sustainability Reporting and SMEs_A Closer Look at the GRI.jpg

Sustainability Reporting and SMEs: A Closer Look at the GRI

This white paper explains the concepts behind sustainability reporting and takes a closer look at why more and more firms are reporting. There has been a growing interest in corporate social responsibility which has led to an increase in firms assessing their environmental and social impacts, and reporting on these impacts to their stakeholders. This paper surveys a few popular reporting standards that companies have used in their reporting, before focusing on the prevailing standard—the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The paper provides information on:

  • What sustainability reporting means for small and medium sized businesses and the challenges they face
  • Sustainability reporting standards and guidelines (UNGC, CDP, GRI)
  • Steps to consider when preparing a sustainability report

(May 2010, 24 pages)

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